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All of a sudden, people are talking about a new EV version of the legendary Audi TT.

Again, the rumor mentions a new car being based on the same platform as the upcoming Porsche Boxter EV, which would make the new small Audi quite expensive. The last generation was already priced at over $ 52,000. And it was still based on the same platform as the VW Golf.

These new Audi EVs would not qualify for our federal incentives and a big bump in price would push it into another market. I guess they figured it would still be cheaper than the new Boxter, so why not…

According to Autocar, Audi is currently in an “intense concept phase” about a possible next TT. Whatever that means. I’ve had many “intense phases” throughout my life and they rarely resulted in anything great.

Audi suits are already mentioning the new car wouldn’t be a replacement for the TT. Which is a code word for “it could be much more expensive”. As expected…

Meanwhile, illustrators are trying to guess what this future Audi might look like. And most seem to describe a TT replacement.

  • The first one does look like a futuristic TT, which would be nice.
  • The second illustration is just a slightly modified TT with an Audi e-Tron GT-inspired front end.
  • The 3rd one looks like a future Audi TT from Mars.
  • The 4th illustration s from AutoCar actually looks a bit generic and not really like a TT. Which could end up being close to the real thing.
  • The last photo is actually from Audi. It is an e-Tron concept that came out back in 2010. And it really feels like what an electric TT could have looked like. It is even a bit retro, which is perfect for the next TT. Of course, nothing like this ever happened…

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  1. I’ve always liked the TT, so I really hope there’s something to this story. I also hope it doesn’t look like any of these renders.

  2. You made an interesting point about VW trying to push a version of the Porsche Cayman in as a Scirocco. That’s certainly not what they need – a VW Bug would be a better idea (with a hybrid engine) along with the VW Bus (also hybrid). And VW certainly does have hybrid engines in Europe. The Audi TT though, is a different story. Bringing a Porsche derived TT to the Audi brand might help, but only if Audi can figure out how to make its current design language more modern. I used to see Audis all the time – now, I never do. And its bcuz they’re expensive for what you get, and the design hasn’t aged well. But you know VW Group management – they’ll make it electric. and ugly. Only Porsche seems to have some autonomy.

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