Chrysler Halcyon Concept.

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These are just a few photos I hadn’t seen before of the new Chrysler Halcyon concept.

Of course, I was quite disappointed to see a pure concept and not a “real” new Chrysler earlier this week, after all these years of waiting for something new. But I’ve grown to really love the concept, except for its gimmicky doors. I think that strong profile line going around the whole car is pretty fantastic, and something we rarely see these days.

I hope they can keep at least some of the concepts in the transition to production. Chrysler does need something stunning for a glorious return. So far, it seems Stlelantis will do a great job with the production versions of the Jeep Recon and Wagoneer S. And the new Dodge Charger EV will probably end up looking very close to the fabulous concept we saw last year. The spy shots we’ve seen of the prototypes are all pretty bad but I’m sure the real thing looks much better.

Another reason for hope is the new Ypsilon. Lancia has been in the same situation as Chrysler for years, with only one model for sale. Stelantis did a great job giving the new Lancia Ypsilon a strong personality while using the same platform as so many other cars from other brands. We already know the Chrysler will be based on the same platform as the new Charger, and I think there is plenty of hope for something great.

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