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Chrysler is getting ready to reveal a new EV next week.

The new car will be a concept, unlike the new Jeep Wagoneer S and Dodge Charger we will be seeing in a few weeks. Although the Dodge seems very similar to the concept released last year, and the Wagoneer S is basically the exact same car we previously saw as a concept as well.

The teaser above is the first of 3 images that will be released before the unveiling. The launch of the production model will be next year and will celebrate Chrysler’s 100-year anniversary. Their entire portfolio will be electric by 2028, which is not such an achievement since they are currently only producing one model. I guess that also means the Pacifica will go electric by 2028. ( a refresh of the current model is due in 2025).

We first saw an electric Chrysler Concept about 2 years ago, called the Airflow. Last year, the brand mentioned its first EV would not be based on the Airflow concept as previously announced. But instead, would be an all-new design with a new name. While we can’t guess what the name will be, let’s look at a few ideas through some illustrations I have previously posted.

Chrysler 300 EV illustration.
Chrysler 300 EV illustration.
Chrysler 300 EV wagon illustration.

The large Chrysler 300 still has many fans. On Chrysler’s Instagram account, many comments are actually asking for the return of the 300. These illustrations show what a large 300 sedan or wagon could look like, based on the STLA platform. The Dodge Charger EV is a large car that will also probably come as a 4-door sedan later. Something Chrysler could use as a base for a new 300.

Chrysler EV SUV illustration.
Chrysler EV SUV illustration.

Since Chrysler will not produce the Airfow, the most obvious reason could be they switched to an SUV. Which would be a safer bet as Chrysler’s first-ever EV. Again, it would only need to be a redesigned Jeep Wagoneer S.

Chrysler Pacifica EV illustration.

Since Chrysler has already mentioned an upcoming refresh for the Pacifica minivan, an EV model will probably not appear before 2028, when Chrysler will be an EV-only brand.

Chrysler EV sedan illustration.

This shows what a mid-sized Chrysler EV sedan could look like. Something a bit more modern than the Airflow. It could happen if Chrylser didn’t decide on an all-new body style, and wanted to keep something a bit similar to the Airflow.

Chrysler EV convertible illustration.

This is just a daydream. Although what we will see next week is a concept, so why not just go nuts and show a convertible?

While Jeep’s first EV is definitely a very modern take on the Grand Cherokee, the new Dodge EV is obviously a retro design. It will be interesting to see what design direction Chrysler will take. Since they have a very rich history of wonderful models they could use as design inspirations for an all-new car. I personally think they should, since “modern” designs seem to end up more generic these days. The Wagoneer S looks fine, but it also looks like many other SUVs. At least, the Dodge is still unique and unmistakable.

Let’s hope Stelantis finds it in its heart to make Chrysler special again.

What do you think?

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  1. I think its Time for Chrysler yo give us not justo one producto, at least a couple of nice and attractive PRODUCTS with quality, with stuning designs

  2. Chrysler was known for their beautiful concepts, because of Marchione they stopped them, that was a huge mistake.
    Wey need the Chrysler brand alive and healthy.
    They need yo nake a come back of the brand again.
    They need now to give us concepts and bring them to see the light as true production modelos.

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