2025 Toyota Camry. China Vs.US.

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We have seen both versions of the 2025 Toyota Camry separately before. The “new” Toyota Camry is currently reaching dealers in China and I thought it would be a good time to compare both together.

Outside, it is obvious the Chinese model has a different front end. The plastic bumper parts are all different. And I think it is better looking with a much smaller lower grille. Next to it, the US version looks like an overdone cartoon with a huge mouth.


Inside, things are pretty different. With the Chinese Camry getting a redesigned dashboard and center console. This gives the local model a very different feeling, with more curves for a softer look than the very angular dashboard in the US. The rear seats are very similar, although I see some additional controls on the sides of the front seats that aren’t in the US model.

There is something I noticed personally at the Los Angeles Auto Show when I saw the 2025 Camry. Compared to the previous model, the rear doors lack the interior black plastic trim that used to be around the windows. (body-colored on the US model above). Somehow, the Chinese version still has them. Once you notice this, it does feel like a weird cost-cutting measure the previous compared to the previous “generation”. Something I’m sure Toyota doesn’t want you to notice.

From looking at both cars, it would seem the Chinese version is a more expensive model than the US Camry. Which is not the case. The Chinese model will start at $ 24,000, all the way up to around $ 27,500. Although that is for a less powerful 2.0 Liter Hybrid version specific to the Chinese market.

US pricing has not been announced yet, but the current Camry Hybrid starts at $28 855 for an LE Hybrid, to over $34 300 for the XSE Hybrid. The revised 2025 model will probably be getting a price bump…

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  1. They don’t even look that different and the Chinese one looks worse. Also it doesn’t have a volume knob.

  2. Appreciate the reporting on differences between international market versions vs U.S. version, otherwise we would have no idea and we can now compare which design and functional features we prefer. Hey, we’re car enthusiasts after all. I also prefer the smaller front mesh area on the front fascia grill of the Chinese version vs the huge open mouth one on the U.S. XSE version. Wish there were memory seats on XSE trim for U.S. market…
    Keep up the good work on showing us differences in geographic releases.

  3. I like the smaller grille of the Chinese Camry, but at the same time, like the more aggressive look of the front splitter on the US market car. The Chinese interior looks way more modern than the US one. I think the passenger side climate control vent’s design elements are really weird and not at all aesthetically pleasing. The Honda Accord is way more successful in it’s vent design.

  4. Totally agree with FFEMT6. The piano black lines and climate vents on the passenger side dash on the US version are awful IMHO. Not a fan of piano black on car interiors in general – dust and smudges. Chinese Camry looks like a much more modern and sleek interior design.

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