Li Auto Mega Minivan.

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Yes, a Minivan called “Mega” is the best example of an oxymoron I’ve seen in many years.

And yet, the new Li Auto Mega is just being launched in China. At around 210 inches long, the Megsa is actually big. About 6 inches longer than a Toyota Sienna. it’s also expensive, with a starting price of around $ 78,000 in China.

For this price, you get a van that can seat 7, with a big 102.7 kWh battery pack good for a 443-mile range in the local test cycle (more like 350 EPA). And a futuristic van design that looks like a high-speed train.

While I like the exterior design, the interior also has a few nice touches. Like the small screen in front of the driver that is actually part of the steering wheel. Or the large window by the 3rd-row seat. The exterior design is actually what we should be expecting of a minivan in the 21st century. Especially in the US where the Toyota Sienna and Honda Odyssey look like they came out decades ago. Even the 1990s Toyota Previa looks much more modern than the poor Sienna. Maybe the success of these very modern-looking vans in their home market could pressure Japanese car makers to push the envelope a bit. it’s about time.

Who knows…

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  1. I think China needs to stop making cars for about 5 years to clean their catastrophic pollution.

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