VW Magotan.

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VW is getting ready to release their new Magotan sedan in China. These new photos show the same car we saw just a few days ago.

The Magotan looks like a straight sedan version of the new 2024 VW Passat. As the new Passat is now only available as a wagon in Europe, but VW still needs a large sedan for the Chinese market.

As such, its interior is very similar to the new Passat and the 2024 European Tiguan. And really, very similar to all other new or revised VW models currently on sale. There is nothing new here inside or out. Just another classic and boring large sedan from VW. And then, you look at the 2025 Toyota Camry or the Honda Accord, and you realize that this new VW sedan isn’t that bad looking after all…

I have posted photos of the new Magotan recently and some have commented it looked a lot like spy shots of a possible next-generation VW Jetta, which is probably not the case. The Megotan is basically a Chinese market Passat, not a Jetta. And I really don’t think the Jetta will see another generation. This is basically a North American product since VW hasn’t sold in Europe for years. Although it is also the base for a few Chinese market sedans, I don’t think we’ll see a new one in the US.

Sales in the US were a bit better last year with 47,407 units sold Vs 34,000 in 2022, but this is still pretty bad. And less than half the 2019 numbers. While the Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla are still doing great with over 200 000 for the Honda and over 232,000 for the Toyota. Even the Nissan Sentra crushed the Jetta last year with over 109,000 sold.

I just cannot see VW spending any money on a new Jetta anytime soon…

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  1. I’m guessing Megatron is just a stretched Jetta – to reduce cost, but is still just another Autobot for those who still give two s**ts about anything VW does

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