2026 Toyota Highlander EV.

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Toyota Highlander EV illustration.
Toyota EV Concept.
Toyota Land Cruiser SE concept.

Toyota is working on a new 3-row EV SUV that could be called the Highlander EV.

They just announced a new $1.4 Billion investment in their Indiana factory for an all-new large 3-row EV SUV. The new model is expected to start production in 2026 and will not be the same vehicle as the other 3-row EV SUV scheduled to be built in Kentucky.

The Kentucky SUV is expected to be built on a skateboard platform similar to the one used in the current bZ4x, or a newer version of that platform. The Indiana model will be more of a regular “chassis-based” EV SUV. This will allow Toyota to build the new model where they are already building the Highlander, Grand Highlander, Sienna, and Lexus TX.

This explains why many have already mentioned it could be called Highlander EV. 2026 would also be around the time when the Highlander could be replaced by a new generation, or by the new EV model.

The Indiana EV would be smaller than the all-new model scheduled for the Kentucky factory. That EV was supposed to be a production version of the 3-row EV concept Toyota showed a few years ago (2nd pic). However, they’ve unveiled a much better-looking Land Cruiser ES concept that could now be what the Kentucky SUB will be based on.

It all sounds confusing, but Toyota does currently offer the Highlander and Grand Highnakder, and it seems to be working fine. They are probably thinking of mirroring their EV lineup with 2 3-row SUVs of different sizes. The larger Kentucky EV SUV was scheduled to start production next year, which will be around a year before the Highlander EV.

It seems that in just a couple of years, Toyota will be offering way more EVs than they are now.

And many more will come soon after.

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