Buick Electra L & LT Concepts.

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These are two new gorgeous-looking concepts from

. Of course, like everything else these days, these a retargeted to the Chinese market, where Buick has been very popular for many years.

A new EV sedan from Buick is indeed a surprise, although not as much as a new station wagon. Buick offers a new Lacrosse sedan in China as well as a revised Buick Regal. These concepts are based on the EV Ultium platform. As you can see the Sedan and Wagon versions of these new Electra concepts seem closely related, and they do look pretty close to a production model.

The interior is a bit more adventurous, with a great-looking floating screen, and an additional passenger screen that only slides out from under the dashboard when you need it. Which is a pretty nice idea.

Sedans are still very popular in China, and it would be very logical for Buick to offer production of these soon. And let’s pray to our gods these also come to the US

Who knows…

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  1. Lets hope Buick builds that wagon, but doesn’t replay the same past mistakes. I really don’t understand why they built the Regal and TourX wagon to be so low to the ground. Its not easy to get into and they effectively kill any advantage of having AWD in the snow belt. There are now better aero mitigation strategies than just lowering it and reducing headroom, like underbody cladding and canards. Honda got the height split right in the US HR-V. Maybe Buick will too… and add a hybrid drivetrain to challenge the slow-to-evolve Subaru Outback.

  2. These look excellent, and I especially love the wagon. And this is a perfect application for an EV because it isn’t a sporty car where you will miss the rumble of an engine. For a “near-luxury” sedan, you want to isolate the passengers as much as possible from the outside, so the soulless, silent nature of an EV is perfect. I will like to point out that these Buicks look infinitely better than the Ioniq 6 which still looks like a frog to me.

  3. The problem is that people don’t buy wagons and car companies had tried. vote with one’s wallet, that’s the only way to get their attention.

  4. Beautiful cars, and no other automobile company has so perfect a name for an EV then ” Electra is the dawn !”
    If Tesla can sell there aging sedan designs, why not Buick ?
    Buick needs interesting cars.
    A total Crossover , division is absurd……if it isn’t offered, of course people will not buy it .
    An EV Convertible would be perfect to refresh the Buick image as well in passager car popularity as a,” halo “.

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