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Large Buick EV sedan illustration
Buick Regal EV illustration

While Buick has shown the Electra E5 and E4 electric SUVs, they have not yet introduced electric versions of their sedans.

All Buick sedans were canceled for the North American market a few years ago, but are still quite popular in China, Buick’s largest market by far. The large Buick Lacrosse has just been redesigned for the Chinese market and sold around 50 000 units in 2021. A number that will definitely improve with the launch of the all-new design.

As for the Regal, it is still sold in China and is getting a facelift for the 2024 model year. Over 96 000 of them were sold in 2021. These 2 sedans will probably have EV versions available soon. Buick has already shown a sedan concept called the Proxima, which is based on a newer platform than the current Ultium. While the US will probably only get Buick SUVs in the near future, it would be nice to also get a sedan competing with the super popular Tesla Model 3 and other newcomers like the Hyundai Ioniq 6 and VW’s ID.7.

The illustrations above show what a larger “Lacrosse type” EV sedan and a smaller Regal EV could look like, following Buick’s current and future design language.

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  1. Buick is leaning pretty heavy into it’s Wildcat concept from last year. All their upcoming (and recently released) production models mimic that look. None of these computer-generated images above take that concept car’s design language into consideration so I highly doubt they will look like these sedans.

  2. Maybe these illustrations forecast a future generation, 5 years down the road? After all, the name of the latest Buick concept in China was “Proxima,” which I thought that I read means “next.”

  3. These are perfect examples of many new cars: no front bumpers; the slightest tap is going to cost the owner 2 to 3 thousand dollars!!

    Keep up the excellent work Vince.

  4. they are very beautifully designed, i hope they come to production. i read some where only cars with future designs come to production only happen at Chrysler, EG the Prowler and P.T.Cruiser.

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