Dodge Charger GT RWD.

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So far, all the versions Dodge introduced of the new 2025 Charger will come with AWD. There will be 3 models of the new EV starting at 496HP. ICE versions will also be offered starting next year.

A new rumor suggests a cheaper and less powerful RWD EV model will soon be offered as well, called the Charger GT. It is rumored to have around 300HP. This should be plenty for most of us, especially since it will still have tons of instant torque.

The best news is the price, rumored to be under $ 45,000 before incentives. (The current base 2023 Charger SVX starts at $35,325). The AWD R/T version uses a large 100.5kWh battery pack with an estimated range of 317 miles. Which is already excellent. The same-size battery used in the single-motor GT variant could potentially reach around 340 miles of range or more. Again, perfect for 99% of us.

The new cheaper GT model would also be available as a 4-door as well as the coupe.

Once all incentives are factored in, we could be talking about a sub-$35 000 car. One with a gorgeous clean design reminiscent of 1960s Dodge Chargers. Something with personality for the price of a Toyota Camry.

Most people don’t need or want 500HP. A 300HP “affordable” gorgeous EV coupe and sedan will have in my opinion a huge potential for success. Especially after Stelantis makes their EVs compatible with all the Tesla chargers around the country.

I can’t wait to see these cars around…

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  1. Vince is smitten by this car! I think it is just OK – great from some angles, but awkward from others. Plus it is HUGE (and heavy). I really hope that Dodge keeps their prices down – for both the ICE and EV version.

  2. I like it. In a sea of ‘pretty much the same’, this stands out. Retro in a good cleaned up way. And if they offer ICE and BEV, they’ll do well. If they add a decent hybrid, I think it will fly off dealer lots.

  3. Vincent, darling, it really isn’t 1968 anymore. The retro-beyond-retro design and the silly “Fratzonic” fake engine/exhaust noises are too sad to properly express in English. Stellantis must be trying to appeal to the rapidly vanishing Dodge buyers who still wear a mullet, but they won’t want one of those unuhMurkin Democrat/Greenie EVs.

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