Ford Future EV pickup.

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Ford future EV pickup illustration.

Ford is coming with 2 new EV pickups.

A brand new electric pickup was due for next year. It seems that it was going to be something smaller than the current F-150 Lightning. Which is a full-size huge pickup. Since that announcement, Ford has slightly revised their EV plans.

The new pickup was also planned with a larger 3-row EV SUV coming out at around the same time. The pickup has been pushed back to 2026 and the 3-row SUV to even later, probably 2027.

Meanwhile, there is still a plan for a second-generation Mustang Mach-e to start production in 2026.

At the same time. Ford has announced it has been working on a new lower-cost EV platform that would be much simpler to manufacture. The first vehicle based on that platform will be a compact crossover and a compact pickup.

As you can see, Ford has many EVs in the works and the delays are only about a year or so. It seems the lower-cost platform has been given priority and these new vehicles could come out before the larger pickup and 3-row SUV.

The illustration above shows what a new Ford EV pickup could look like. Not a compact but something smaller and more affordable than the current F-150 lightning. the lightning just looks like any other version of the F-150, except for the lights. The new pickup will not be an electric version of an existing gas model. Which could bring a much more interesting design…

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