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Ford EV compact SUV illustration.
Ford EV compact SUV illustration.
Ford EV compact SUV illustration.
Ford EV compact pickup illustration.

While Ford is pushing back a year some of their large EV projects like a couple of 3-row SUVs and another electric pick-up, they are hard at work on a brand new EV platform that will be much cheaper to produce.

Cheaper is the key for EVs these days. With recent discounts up to $8100 on the Mustang Mach-e, sales saw a 64% increase in February. However, the Mach-e is still not a cheap car starting at around $40,000. (although after all incentives, it kind of is…).

Ford has already announced the new platform will give birth to an all-new compact EV SUV and a compact pickup. The cheapest model will start at around $ 25,000, which seems to be the magic number for future inexpensive EVs. Any EV starting at $ 25,000 could end up being the cheapest model available in the country after incentives. These new products based on that platform could end up costing about as much as a Nissan Versa.

Ford isn’t the only one chasing the $ 25,000 EV. VW is too, and so is Hyundai/Kia. In other markets, many Chinese EVs will end up costing under $ 25,000 as well.

If the rumor about Tesla abandoning their $ 25,000 new model is true, it will end up being their biggest mistake. Even with a new interior, the Model 3 is over 6 years old. The Model Y is basically the same design.

If they have nothing to offer under $39 000 in the next year or two they will be left behind pronto.

The illustrations above show various ideas of what a pickup or SUV based on Ford’s new platform could look like.

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  1. There are very few gasoline engine vehicles selling at $25k these days.

    How is there supposed to be EVs at that price?

    This is just dreaming.

  2. Ford should get some old concepts in the Ford 021C, can be easily made for 23k instead of 25k market..a minimalism interior, range of 350km on single charge, revive the Escort nameplate on it..the sure will change the game..and later a sportier rally version under the Saleen umbrella for some extra bucks to 27k.

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