Mazda CX-80.

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Mazda first launched the new CX-60 in Europe. Then the larger 3-row CX-90 in North America.

Later we got the CX-70, which is just a 5-seat version of the CX-90, for the exact same price. Now they are launching their 3-row SUV for the European market, the CX-80.

It sounds overly complicated because it is. Coming up with “different” models for various markets while all these versions look mostly the same is probably a huge waste of money…

However, from the teaser above, you can already tell the European CX-80 won’t be the exact same SUV as the CX-90. And why? Will it be that much shorter? probably not. Could they just sell the CX-90 in Europe? Probably.

The new CX-80 will be officially unveiled on April 18th.

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