New VW Passat sedan.

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Just when you thought the VW Magotan sedan was the new replacement for the Passat sedan, VW came out with an actual new Passat Sedan.

Although unlike the new Passat wagon we saw a few months ago, the new Passat Sedan is for the Chinese market only. And none of these, sedan or wagon, will come to North America.

The new Passat sedan looks as generic as possible. It seems like we’ve seen it before. That’s because it looks like a myriad of VW sedans sold in China, and they pretty much all look the same. This “new” Passat sedan looks like it came out about 10 years ago. Or maybe 15. Or just 5. Who knows.

It’s not ugly, they never are. Just slightly insulting to anyone looking for something truly modern or remotely interesting.

Power comes from either a 1.4 Liter Turbo engine or a 2.0 Liter Turbo. Again, like everything else in the world these days… Or so it seems.

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  1. I can’t wait for they to be on Alibaba or some other website, so the rest of the world can buy them.

  2. I’d buy that. It would be a step up from my Jetta.
    Seems like China gets everything.

  3. Seems like something I’d consider if available in the US… for some reason VW just still won’t bring all cars the rest of the world gets to play with (Scirocco, Amarok etc.) to the US 🙄

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