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It feels a bit strange to see another illustration of what a future compact Tesla model could look like after the statement from Reuters about the car being canceled.

Tesla (Musk) recently mentioned that they are working on some new cheaper models. New cars that will mix tech from the current model and the new cheaper platform they are/were working on. He also mentioned we would see these new “cheaper cars” before the end of 2025, which was supposed to be the date for the new compact. Musk mentioned it could be early next year or even the end of this year.

This means absolutely nothing. It could just be a cheaper version of the Model 3 with no glass roof and other stuff, who knows? No mentions of the all-new $25,000 model based on some all-new platform anymore. Expect we are supposed to see a “robotaxi on August 8th. Sure… A new car with tech that doesn’t exist yet. And also, what is the market for this exactly? Is it only for their new ride-share company? Can people actually buy one?

In any case, here it is, another look at what could be or could have been.

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  1. Hmmm. Let’s see. Stock is imperiled by projected low earnings. Stock price drops. CEO has new forward looking statement that suggests price will rise. RINSE AND REPEAT.
    Musk is a manipulator, and WallStreet knows it. They’re just taking the ride (and less so each time) to play the institutional and unwary investors, then they short it early. In other words, Musk is a liar and you shouldn’t hold your breath. The four main vehicles in the Tesla lineup (S, X, 3, Y) were all developed on platforms by others before he pushed them out. The one truly Musk vehicle is the Cybertruck, which is a disgrace. Expect anything else developed entirely under Musk to be a similar s**t show. His company is faltering because of his ego, and he doesn’t even know it yet.

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