Toyota bZ3C.

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We saw the new Toyota bZ3C as a concept car last year, And Toyota had also released a silhouette teaser about a year before. The final product turned out to be one of the best-looking Toyota designs I have seen in a long time. I would say this looks at least as good as the new Prius.

Unfortunately, the new EV is so far a Chinese market-only model. Although Toyota is currently evaluating a possible future European launch. The new bZ3C is built in cooperation with Chinese manufacturer BYD and uses BYD batteries.

This is exactly what we would need here in North America if Toyota was currently serious about EVs. It would make a perfect EV companion to the Prius in Toyota’s current lineup. And something cheaper and better looking than the $ 42,000 bZ4X.

Let’s just hope that that “evaluation” results in a decision to sell this in many other markets.

The interior design is also much cleaner than anything Toyota offers over here. With pretty serious concept car vibes.

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  1. Its better than those god-awful Crown twins. If they put a hybrid drivetrain in this, it would sell. Cuz let’s face it… they’re already putting cash on the hood of the Crown sedan and probably will be in a year for the Crown Signia.

  2. Venza or another classic Toyota name would be better than the Beyond Zero BZ-anything.

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