2025 Kia EV3.

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These are the first 3 teasers for the all-new Kia EV3 EV. Which will be the production version of the EV3 Concept we saw late last year at various auto shows.

Again, it looks like Kia was able to retain most of the concept design for the production model. Just like the EV9 and EV5.

While the EV5 isn’t scheduled for the US or Canada, the smaller EV3 will make it over here soon. We have no specs yet, of course, but there is a rumor about a US starting price of around $ 32,000. Which, if true, would be quite amazing and quite a game-changer. While the EV3 will probably not qualify for the federal incentives when sold, it will when leased. Which could mean lease payments of around $250 a month or even less. (Hyundai is leasing the $43 000 Ioniq 6 for $199 a month).

This will basically for where the Chevrolet Bolt left off. Which is another big mistake and missed opportunity by GM.

So far the EV3 looks great and very modern. It seems the production version will look a little bit smoother than the concept. On the teasers, the lights look a bit different from the concept, but most of the concept is still there which is quite amazing. However, we should expect more changes inside. The concept’s interior was actually pretty out there for a production car.

We will see everything on May 23rd.

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  1. This is basically the replacement for the Soul EV we haven’t gotten since 2019. They teased the 2020 model with a brochure at US dealerships but never actually sold it here.

  2. This is the only KIA EV SUV I’m looking forward to. This is the size that suits my needs and hoping price will do as well. Then again I’m also interested in the sedan and hatch ones.

  3. Will be interesting to see what kind of markups Kia dealers place on this “affordable,” EV.

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