2026 Lexus ES.

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A new Lexus ES sedan is due later this year. Although, just like the 2025 Toyota Camry, this will not be a new generation.

Instead, like the 2025 Camry, it will be the same car with a new front end are revised lights. And probably some changes to its interior, since the 2025 Camry did get an all-new interior.

The V6 option will probably be gone and replaced by a Hybrid powertrain. However, I would expect something more powerful than the one that now comes standard in the 2025 Camry. This probably means something similar to the Lexus RX with a 2.5 Liter Hybrid with 246HP or maybe an optional PHEV model with 304HP.

The bottom photo was from a Lexus presentation in December 2021. Showing many upcoming Lexus models, many of them out by now. And in the background, even showing the 2026 Lexus ES for everyone to see, about 4 years early.

The 2026 Lexus ES is another proof that Toyota isn’t spending tons of money on ICE models anymore. Even Hybrids. As most of their R&D money is going to future EVs and batteries.

Just like everyone else…

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  1. I fully expect this to be more mechanically similar to the crown. The 2.5 hybrid as a base engine and a 2.4 turbo hybrid. A 2.5 plug in may make it in the line up. This is a Lexus. It won’t be exactly like the Camry. It will offer more

  2. This is a HIDEOUS DESIGN !!! What on God’s Green Earth is Lexus thinking ?!!?!!?!! DO NOT MAKE THIS CAR DESIGN UNLESS YOU WANT TO SELL ZERO ES CARS !!!!!!!!

  3. This is the reason why I will never get rid of my GS F Sport blackine .
    Apples to oranges with the crap they are putting out in the Es

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