Cadillac CT4 and CT6 EV.

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Cadillac CT6 EV illustration.
Cadillac CT4 EV illustration.

While the good old CT5 sedan was the best-selling Cadillac globally last year, the Escalade was still much more popular in the US.

Cadillac is currently hard at work on 2 all-new EV sedans based on an updated version of the Ultium platform. But none of these would be a direct replacement for the popular CT5. A smaller compact sedan is planned, which could be about the size of a CT4, and a larger one the size of a CT6. Although the smallest model might be a bit smaller than the current CT5, it could actually be roomier since you know… EV.

The sad part is that these 2 new models are probably mostly for the Chinese market since sedans are still pretty popular over there. Cadillac even has a 2nd generation CT6 on sale in China.

I personally think that, of course, they should sell these sedans in North America. Obviously there is a market for a luxury EV with a sedan body. While the Mercedes EQE and EQS aren’t very popular, that’s mostly because they are not very attractive, and don’t look that expensive either. Even the Lucid Air sold a bit more units last year than the Mercedes EQS. I am sure a company like Cadillac can do better with the right design. Tesla still sold over 16,000 units of the 12-year-old Model S last year! Or about 2 1/2 times the EQS.

Let’s hope at least one of these is for us…

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  1. You might as well jump on the Pontiac revival bandwagon and render the CT4 EV that way. Competing with Model 3 is too down market for Cadillac anyway.

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