Jeep Wagoneer S.

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Jeep just unveiled the all-new Wagoneer S EV. So far they’ve only shown the most expensive version which is the loaded “Launch Edition”. Loaded because the only option on the car above is the disgusting red interior.

So far, the specs are pretty excellent… We are talking about AWD with 600HP and over 300 miles of range. 20 to 80% charge in 23 minutes. Impressive specs at a price of $72,000 including destination. Again this is a loaded vehicle with everything you can imagine. More versions will be available later at a lower price.

Still, while $ 72,000 is a lot of money, a Jeep Grand Cherokee 4Xe with just a few miles of EV range starts at over $ 60,000. Which is more than this loaded most expensive trim of the Wagoneer S after incentives. Even if you choose the good old V6 model, the Grand Cherokee Overland trim is already more than the Loaded Wagonner S after incentives. it also gets to $70,000 with similar equipment, which makes the ICE version more expensive.

I can see more trims of the Jeep Wagoneer S being priced at around $ 55,000 or under. Which is getting very close to the ICE Grand Cherokee.

I think they did a really good job with the design, inside and out. As it truly does look like a very modern Jeep. Stelantis has so far done a really good job at creating individual new designs for all their brands. Which I think will be a big help in the EV transition. This and the Recon look like Jeeps and the 2025 Charger looks like a modern Dodge should be.

I cannot wait to see what they did with the production version of the Chrysler Halcyon concept

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  1. Encouraging, but I’m looking forward to additional, sub-Launch Edition trims that replace some of the touchscreen real estate with physical controls. For a more ‘premium’ driving experience.

  2. The red interior is not my favorite either. There was one picture I saw that reminded me of those old drawings from science class – the ones with the man who has no skin – just the muscles. The cushions being the muscles and the “white” stitching is like the sinew.

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