New Volvo EX60.

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It’s no surprise a new Volvo EX60 EV will be replacing the aging XC60 SUV as soon as next year. Or at least be offered alongside the ICE model for a while.

The EX60 is supposed to be based on a new platform using mega casting, which will be a first for Volvo. Something Toyota and others are also working on. Which is similar to what Tesla has been doing for a while. The “Fewer parts = more profits” law is a favorite among manufacturers.

That new platform will of course be used in many other models from the Geely company, owner of Volvo, and many other Chinese brands.

The illustration above shows a design that looks exactly like a cross between the EX90 and EX30. Which is probably close to the real thing. Although it would be nice to get something a bit more original. Not just the same design in various sizes, like so many other brands have been doing.

Come on…

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