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Next-generation Chevrolet Camaro EV illustration.

2024 was the last year for the Chevrolet Camaro. Not really…

When the current model was officially canceled, GM actually mentioned “This is not the end of the Camaro Story”. In late 2022, there were even rumors of a full Camaro sub-brand. With various models including the classic coupe and convertible body styles as well as a new sedan and SUV. There was also a similar rumor about a Corvette sub-brand and even an “Escalade” one. But nothing since. Except for that quote about the Camaro story not being over…

GM president Mark Reuss has recently mentioned the Camaro should be coming back as a real pony car. Notice he didn’t say “muscle car”. As a pony car, a next-generation Camaro would have to be affordable. Something more focused on “fun” than pure power. Which seems easy enough to do with an electric powertrain.

Whether the Camaro comes back as a crossover is apparently still being discussed at GM. However, Chevrolet seems to have plenty of SUVs of all sizes to pick from these days.

I think an affordable EV sedan with Camaro cues could be pretty nice. Basically competing against the Tesla Model 3.

Mark Reuss also mentioned the new Camaro would start at around the same price as the new $ 35,000 Equinox EV. Which means it would be cheaper than the base 2024 ICE Camaro after incentives.

Let’s just hope something fun and cool-looking comes out of this…

The illustration above shows what an affordable EV 4-door Camaro could look like…

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