VW Magotan.

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It seems VW has become a vast sea of look-alike sedans and SUVs. An empty land where bland car designs reign over a sleepy populace.

Unlike what most people would think, the Magotan is not a villain from an old Godzilla movie, but a VW sedan sold in China. The new generation pictured above looks a lot like the new VW Passat sedan. Another Chinese market exclusive. And it also looks a lot like any VW sedan from the past 10 years.

Same thing inside, where things look like any regular VW ICE model or even their new ID EVs. These cars are not ugly per se, they are just devoid of any style or personality. I personally think the super bland and look-alike interiors are the worst offenders. Someone should really be punished…

But again, nothing really ugly or disturbing. And to be fair, Toyota is getting away with murder with the 2025 Camry. Which is not a new vehicle in any way, just a 2017 Camry with a new interior and a new face. With the Hybrid powertrain standard. And it has been getting great reviews so far!

At least this Magotan is a new design from the previous generation.

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