2025 BMW X3.

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Yes, this is the new 2025 BMW X3

It seems BMW thinks their ghastly XM and iX are somehow the best-looking things ever, and are now cramming as many design cues from these 2 monstrosities into most of their new designs. Which is really a shame…

As you can see above, the current X3 was nothing spectacular but seems inoffensive and almost classy next to the new model. Although I have to say, the 2025 model pictured above is the M Line trim, which usually looks worse. They don’t even try to make the mostly fake front grille look real anymore and it is of course about twice as large as before. (it even lights up now…). Of course, there is a lot of that cheap-looking crappy black trim everywhere it shouldn’t be, like the sides of the rear bumper. The windows look quite a bit smaller since I guess people don’t want better visibility anymore.

However, the new model seems like a simpler design. “Uglier yet simpler” could be their new tagline.

Inside, you can tell the iX and XM offensive influence everywhere. Culminating with the amazingly vulgar and gross light show provided by the ambient lighting system. I am sure you could turn it off or choose another color or pattern, but the fact that BMW choose to show this in their official material is unsettling and problematic.

It seems this is the image they want to project into the world now. Vulgarity and crassness, at a price.

As I mentioned before, there is hope with the upcoming production versions of the Neue Klasse sedan and SUV. Which hopefully will be pretty close to the concepts, which have nothing to do with current designs.

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  1. Wow. Bmw really decided to kill their brand with all these sh*t designs. Nothing has looked good since the 3 series

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