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It already looks like the new Fiat Grand Panda‘s interior will be as fun and original as the exterior.

It is also a bit of an homage to the original 1980 interior of the first generation designed by Giugiaro. (The Panda currently on sale is the 3rd generation from 2011). The new interior seems fantastic and fun, especially for what will be a pretty cheap car.

Stelantis has mentioned the new larger Grande Panda is not a direct replacement for the current “old” and smaller Panda, which will still be produced until 2027. Although my guess is that by 2027, that old regular Panda will be in effect replaced by the larger model. As I am not sure Stellantis will come up with a new platform that will fit smaller cars than this new “Smart Car platform” used by the Grande Panda and Citroen e-C3, as well as others to come. Including the new Jeep Renegade EV.

While the new Citroen e-C3 EV starts at around 20,000 Euros in Europe, the Fiat is rumored to cost a bit more. Both Hybrid and EV versions are rumored to be available.

The new Grand Panda interior is exactly what a small inexpensive car should be. Fun, original, and something that puts a smile on your face and doesn’t make you feel bad for getting a cheap car.


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  1. I mean I like it but why exactly is the exterior so unique? Front looks like a shrunk Santa-Fe. Tail lights look nice but nothing that fresh. Apart from the placement of Panda logos across the body and back, it’s a decent looking little SUV but it’s all down to reliability, built quality and engagement.

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