Fiat Grande Panda.

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The all-new Fiat Grande Panda is not a replacement for the good old 3rd generation Fiat Panda that came out back in 2011.

The new Grande Panda is based on the same Stelantis “Smart Car Platform” as the new Citroen e-C3. (blue car). Unlike the Citroen which is saddled with a very generic design, the Fiat version is pretty striking. And somehow looks exactly like modern Fiat should look like.

It seems Stelantis dropped the ball with Citroen and has not been able to give it a modern design personality. Which is a shame, although that hopefully could come in future models.

The new Grande Panda will be offered as a Hybrid and an EV, just like all models based on that new small platform. It also gives us a bit of a preview of the upcoming new Jeep Renegade EV, which will be based on the same platform. While the design will be totally different, the proportions will be very similar. Like they are for both the Citroens and Fiat models. Using the new platform is the only way Stellantis can offer a $ 25,000 Jeep EV in the US.

As for specs, the small Citroen e-C3 comes with a 200 miles range in the European test cycle. Which would translate in no more than 170 EPA, and that’s not great. Althouygh again… $25000…

Although Fiat called the new Grande Panda a “global model”, that only means sales in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, at least so far. Although that platform has obviously been engineered for North America since the Jeep version is coming here.

Based on this platform, it would seem the next Jeep Renegade willshrink a bit. the previousmodel was a bot over 166 inches long while the Grande panda is 157 inches. Or about i inches shorter than the Chevrolet Bolt. However, the Jeep size will probably be closer to that of the new Opel Frontrera, based on the same platform. that car is 172 inches long and even offers a small 3rd row. A new 5 seater Jeep Renegade base on this would definitely be large enough for our market.

As for the “regular” old Panda, it is still much smaller and is scheduled to stay in production until 2027. And you know that by then the panda Zbrande will probably have taken over…

Let’s hope the new renefgade EV looks as good as the new Fiat Grande panda.

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  1. Disagree with the Citroen Vince. It looks clean and modern and is cheaper than anything else. The Panda will likely cost more.

  2. the new Renegade will slot in between the Avenger and the Compass. This new Panda is shorter than the Avenger.

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