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The all-new Hyundai Inster EV is an electric version of the cure little Hyundai Casper.

Why not a “Casper EV”, or “Ioniq 1”? Why does its name sound like a benign medical procedure? Who knows… The answer to this question will probably be a company secret kept deep into Hyundai’s vaults.

With a length of about 2 inches shorter than a Fiat 500e, this will probably never make it to North America, which is a little bit too bad, as the Casper is a super cute little car. One that actually seems roomy for its tiny size. (Although the driver seat on the bottom pic seems to have been moved way too close to the steering wheel to even be safe to drive). The Casper isn’t new since it came out in Korea in early 2022, and sold over 41,000 units last year.

Hyundai claims the new Inster EV will get a 220-mile range in the European test Cycle. Which would be a bit more than the Fiat 500e and the new Mini EV. While probably being much cheaper than both with an expected price of about $23 000 in Europe.

That price with some local state EV incentives would be under $ 20,000 in the US. Which could make it attractive to some, just for the cost alone. Especially if the car was leased and payments were then based on a cost of closer to $ 15,000 after federal incentives. With a bit of extra incentive from Hyundai, a lease payment on this could be less than what many pay on gas every month.

I think the Kia EV3 is as small as Kia/Hyundai will go for an EV in the US. If the EV3’s rumored starting price of around $ 30,000 is true, lease payments could still be very affordable anyway, and again, not much more or equal to what most people spend on gas every month.

We’ve seen what the Kia EV3 and EV4 will look like, it will be interesting to see a possible Hyundai Ioniq 4 or even Ioniq 3 in the future.

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