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While Mazda’s future plans are pretty unclear and keep changing every now and then, there is still no new Mazda 6 sedan planned.

Many had high hopes a few weeks ago when Mazda unveiled the new EZ6 electric and Hybrid sedan. But that’s only for the Chinese market and actually based on a Chinese car anyway. With a revised “Mazda-style” design.

However, Mazda did trademark the name “6e” a few months ago. They even came up with an official logo. So, something is coming. Hopefully, it won’t look at all like the terrible illustrations above. Which look much worse than the previous generation.

I like sedans as the next guy, but I don’t think launching a new sedan in the US would be such a good idea for Mazda. While the Hyundai Ioniq 6 currently sells in very good numbers, VW got scared and put the ID.7 on ice for the US market.

We”ll see…

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  1. Honda is taking their time. They brought a bland and decontented Accord to the US and kept the PHEV for Asia. Toyota has those attrocious hybrid Crown twins that handle like bricks. Its a good time for Mazda to launch their 6PHEV 6cyl, then bring a hybrid 6h to the US…. a 6h (using a Toyota hybrid system) and 6e electric if they choose. All targeted at BMW.

  2. I want to see a new Mazda 6 also. I would love to see another Mazda 3 generation as well. If not both though, at least one would be nice. I just don’t want Mazda to become like the majority of Ford and GM, and only offer the US market SUVs.

  3. I would love for them to bring in a Mazda 9 big body sedan or coup with similarities to their Concept Coupe. Now that’s something I want to buy. We’re in America make it bigger. An top of the line.

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