Toyota SUV. 2026 RAV4 or Harrier/Venza?

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I’m not sure what’s going on here but these obviously seem like Toyotas.

However, besides the 2026 RAV4, there isn’t any new Toyota SUV planned anytime soon. At least that I can think of. We just saw the new Toyota 4 Runner and the Toyota Land Cruiser recently.

Unless these are for the Chinese market or other parts of the world. These are obviously not the same models. The bottom one actually looks like it could be a facelift for the old Toyota Venza, which is still on sale in other parts of the world where it is known as the Harrier, although it has been replaced by the Crown Signia in North America.

The top photo looks like something older or a lot cheaper. or even maybe something that’s already ou tin another part of the world, and not new at all.

Let’s just hope none of these are the new upcoming 2026 RAV4

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  1. Vince, I think the top photo may well be the RAV4 and it looks like they are going back to the funny shaped rear side windows used on the earlier generations.

  2. (upper pic) looks like headlights and grill are just from parts bin of other toyotas…

  3. These look very fake/doctored. Toyota is really good at keeping things covered until a reveal. I call BS.

  4. Second one is a dead ringer for a Lexus NX, except with Toyota badging. Would make a lot of sense as a RAV4 or Wildlander refresh.

    First one has odd proportions. Almost looks like a subcompact. Maybe a Yaris Cross refresh?

  5. For 2024 the JDM version of the Yaris Cross got a slightly updated look as a mid-cycle refresh. There is another version of the Yaris Cross that is sold in SE Asia and is actually a Daihatsu with a Highlanderesque front. Top Gear Philippines has pictures of both. Neither of those cars look like the cars here in this posting.

  6. First one looks like someone photoshopped 1st gen 86 headlights onto a 4th Gen Rav4

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