2025 Honda Prelude.

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Honda has just announced the next-generation Prelude coupe will be sold in Europe, as part of their growing portfolio of electrified cars.

While Honda hasn’t offered any specs, the new Prelude is expected to use the same Hybrid powertrain as the Honda Civic Hybrid that has been on sale in Europe for a while. Which means 181HP from a 2.0 Liter Hybrid powertrain.

While most photos make the new Honda Prelude look rather weird, I can tell you that it does look much better in person. I saw it at the Los Angeles Auto Show late last year and it looked fine. And the good news is that it is a proper hatchback as well. However, the interior will use many Honda Civic parts, including the screens, and might not be very original. Just like the Acura Integra interior.

However, there is still no word on US sales of the new Prelude. It might be a tough sale over here where 2 door coupes have almost completely disappeared from our automobile landscape.

I still think the Hybrid powertrain would help a lot, and the practicality of a proper hatchback as well. Although recent sale numbers of the 4-door hatchback Acura Integra have been pretty bad. With sales plummeting over 26% last April over April 2023.

I guess a hatchback isn’t enough…

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