2025 Honda Civic Hybrid.

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It looks like Honda is almost ready to sell Hybrid versions of the Civic in the US. Finally, after years of being available in other countries.

First, this will be part of a revised Civic for the 2025 model year. As you can see, the whole front end has been redesigned. And it looks like the new trim piece under the headlights could also be chrome in other versions than the “Sport Touring” pictured above and the “Sport”. While the front end is new, it isn’t looking better than the current design. It’s just different for the sake of being different after a few years on the market.

It seems Honda didn’t even bother with the rear end which appears to be exactly the same as the current model. Honda has also mentioned there will be revisions to the Civic’s interior for the 2025 model year. My guess is these will probably be limited to a larger screen.

It seems the Civic Hybrid will not be an option but a standard powertrain on certain models, which is what Honda has been doing with the Accord and CR-V. The Sport Touring version pictured here will probably be Hybrid only. So far, the current Civic sedan offers a Touring version (the hatchback does)but it obviously looks like a Sport Touring model will join the lineup or replace the Touring. Again, similar to the CR-V.

The best news is that the new Hybrid powertrain is available in both the sedan and hatchback body styles.

In the Accord, the Hybrid is basically replacing the more powerful 2.0 Liter engine Honda used to offer. It seems the new Hybrid could replace the 1.5 Liter Turbo in the Civic lineup. Which isn’t all bad news. Although it is if you wanted a Civic with a manual since it will probably no longer be available. Otherwise, the 1.5 Liter never worked very well with the CVT which zapped most of the extra power over the standard 2.0 Liter, and it wouldn’t be a big loss.

Just like in the Accord and CR-V, the Hybrid will be the more powerful choice while saving gas. It will also pit the Civic against the Toyota Prius for the first time. I think this will make the design inferiority of the Honda stand out even more. Comparing the Civic sedan against rather boring other choices is fine, but the Prius is now one of the best-looking cars out there, and it has gotten fantastic reviews from almost everyone. It will make the Civic look 20 years old next to it…

I predict very tough times for the Civic Hybrid hatchback unless it is way cheaper than the Toyota Prius. Honda has taken years to decide to bring the Civic Hybrid over here, and it might be a bit too late…

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  1. I expect Honda to be very careful when situating the Civic hybrid trim levels. I think they’ll decrease the number of trims in the other two engine choices (2.0L NA and the 1.5L Turbo) and I dont expect to see as many trims in the hybrid as we see in the CRV& Accord – at least not right away. Reason – those vehicles carry higher transaction prices. I expect the hybrid to see something like an EX and Sport Touring.

    Why will the 2.0L NA engine stay for now? In addition to the low end Civics, and all of the current HRV’s use it.

    Why will the 1.5L Turbo engine stay for now? The lower end CRVs and Accords, in addition to the Civic Si, Integras all use it. Also, the new Acura entry level SUV is likely to receive this, based on our North American HRV. In the ROW, the ZRV is available (China, etc..) with the 1.5L Turbo. Since Diallo mentioned this will sit alongside the Integra, I bet it will get that engine/transmission combo – yes, its a CVT. And the HRV will gain a hybrid in MY2026 (also 2.0L NA hybrid) found in the ROW Honda portfolio.
    So they’re kind of stuck with these engine choices for the next 3-5 years.

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