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As we mentioned before, the new VW ID. Unyx is a VW version of the Curpa Tavascan EV. Rebadged and modified to fit the VW ID family. The pictures above are early official photos from VW. (Except the interior of course)

So far this is only a Chinese market product. But who knows, since VW doesn’t offer the ID.5 over here, why not this?

Sales of the VW ID.4 went up by over 84% last year over 2022. maybe a slightly fancier “coupe” version could be popular too?

VW did quite a good job making sure the new ID. Unyx wasn’t just a rebadged Cupra Tavascan. The face is obviously different, although that’s mostly due to the new bumper area. The profiles are almost exactly the same.

Inside, the Cupra interior has thankfully been done way down. However, the stupid-looking giant tablet screen from the ID.4 and every single other new VW product is there again. Looking like it just doesn’t belong there, like in every other new VW. Which is really too bad. The door panels don’t look new, but a judicious choice of new trims and patterns make them look different enough for a new model.

The new VW ID. Unyx will be available with RWD or AWD, both using the same 82.4kWh battery.

Should VW plan to sell this over here?

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  1. If its smaller than the ID4, then YES they should try to sell it here. Most people realize an EV is currently a commuter car in the US. Want to take a vacation in your EV or a multi hour trip somewhere? Good luck. Bring your patience. I’m just not sure that VW has really grasped that what’s holding them back isn’t just bland offerings. Its a dealer network frought with problems for owners.

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