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The VW ID. Unyx is an all-new VW EV for the Chinese market.

It is a VW version of the recently introduced Cupra Tavascan for the European market. However, VW has made more than a few small changes to turn the Cupra into a VW. Obviously, the front and rear ends have been redesigned… And while the new ID.Unyx looks more aggressive than its cousins, the ID.4 and ID.5, it is not as macho and exuberant looking as the European Cupra Tavascan. I personally think it’s actually better looking.

Too bad for us since Cupra is scheduled to enter the US market in a few years. Another weird decision from VW, since we usually get VW models that are very similar to the Chinese market. Like the last Passat and the Atlas. (Our next Tiguan will also be similar to a Chinese VW model). Why not bring this over instead of setting up a whole new brand?

To be fair, the news also comes from an unreliable company that had announced the ID.7 for the US market by the end of the year, and the ID.Buzz even sooner. Now the ID.Buzz has been pushed back and the ID.7 sedan will probably never come here after all. So who knows if Cupra will really make it to the US or not…

As for the interior, since the exterior has been toned down a lot from the Curpa version I would expect the same inside. The psychedelic and nightmare-inducing interior of the Tavascan could be too much for most VW buyers. Maybe they’ll decide to save some cash and just offer the same interior as the ID.4 or ID.5. But what would be the point?

Just another weird VW idea I guess…

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