Alpine A290.

The new Alpine A290 is the Renault 5’s evil brother. Renault is hard at work revitalizing the sporty Alpine brand with many future models. The first one is a sportier version of the cool new Renault 5 EV. The exterior has been modified but doesn’t look as clean as the concept they had shown last… Continue reading Alpine A290.

2025 Honda Civic Pricing.

Honda released the 2025 model year Civic a little while ago and we now have official pricing info for the sedan (The hatchback is coming out later). As you can see, the new lineup includes 2 new Hybrid models, which is now 50% of the Civic lineup. Something Honda is already doing with the Accord… Continue reading 2025 Honda Civic Pricing.

New Mitsubishi Van.

Mitsubishi is planning to sell an all-new van model in the US in the next few years. The grainy and blurry illustration above shows what this new van could look like. Obviously based on the recent D:X concept above. Mitsubishi has already described the new model as “the roomy cabin space of an MPV, the… Continue reading New Mitsubishi Van.

Hyundai Inster.

The all-new Hyundai Inster EV is an electric version of the cure little Hyundai Casper. Why not a “Casper EV”, or “Ioniq 1”? Why does its name sound like a benign medical procedure? Who knows… The answer to this question will probably be a company secret kept deep into Hyundai’s vaults. With a length of… Continue reading Hyundai Inster.

Toyota Celica.

Since Toyota canceled the Celica in the US back in 2005, there have been rumors of a new one… The illustration above shows what a new-generation Toyota Celica could look like. Although since we have no official info it could actually look like anything Including a new SUV or crossover, who knows? For decades, the… Continue reading Toyota Celica.

Tesla Cybercab.

Tesla is supposed to show us their RoboTaxi called the “Cybercab” on August 8. We’ll see what we get that day. It won’t be the Tesla the world wants, which is a new compact and cheaper model than the Model 3 as we expected for years. Instead, it will be a self-driving car. According to… Continue reading Tesla Cybercab.

2025 Cadillac Optiq.

This short video will show you almost everything you need to know about the new Cadillac Optiq. While the Optiq is not as modern as so many cool illustrations I’ve seen (and posted) about a possible smaller Cadillac EV SUV, the rather busy design is growing on me a bit. I think this could be… Continue reading 2025 Cadillac Optiq.

2025 GMC Terrain.

It seems like the new 2025 GMC Terrain will be a clone of the redesigned 2025 Chevrolet Equinox, more than ever before. The top photo shows how close the new Terrain will be to the recently introduced 2025 Equinox. Of course, the front and rear ends will be different, with GMC still squeezing as much… Continue reading 2025 GMC Terrain.

Mazda 6.

While Mazda’s future plans are pretty unclear and keep changing every now and then, there is still no new Mazda 6 sedan planned. Many had high hopes a few weeks ago when Mazda unveiled the new EZ6 electric and Hybrid sedan. But that’s only for the Chinese market and actually based on a Chinese car… Continue reading Mazda 6.

2026 Kia Telluride.

This is a short movie compilation of a few illustrations, guessing what the next-generation Kia Telluride could look like. Most of these are either too close to the current generation or just plain crazy. I also noticed that all portray the new Kia parked in front of very, very expensive properties. It’s as if multi-millionaires… Continue reading 2026 Kia Telluride.

2026 Kia Stinger EV.

A few months ago, there was a rumor about an all-new generation Kia Stinger coming out in 2026, as an EV. Some sites were even reporting specs like 600HP and almost 500 miles of electric range. We haven’t heard anything since last February, but that hasn’t stopped various illustrators to try and guess what an… Continue reading 2026 Kia Stinger EV.

Future Cadillac Convertible video.

This is just a short video featuring illustrations previously posted on the site. Various daydreams about what a possible future Cadillac Convertible could look like. Maybe a new Eldorado? Probably something many are currently dreaming of and very few would actually purchase. Current Cadillac models are mostly new SUVs. With a couple of rather boring-looking… Continue reading Future Cadillac Convertible video.

2025 BMW X3.

Another day, another uglier than-ever BMW… The top photo shows what the next-generation BMW X3 looks like, and it’s not pretty. Just when you thought the recurrent generation had reached the limit of how ghastly the X3 could be, BMW shows they have no limit in exploring the “world of ugly” and reaching for the… Continue reading 2025 BMW X3.

Next Tesla Model S.

Of course, the Tesla Model S is due for a new generation, after over 12 years. But it’s probably not coming. At least any time soon… Back in 2012, the Model S sedan was an automotive revolution. At the time the base range was rated at 208 miles, with a longer-range model available with 265… Continue reading Next Tesla Model S.

2025 Hyundai Palisade.

Another day, and another 2025 Hyundai Palisade illustration. A good and very realistic one, although it might not match the most recent spy shots we’ve seen of the new Hyundai SUV. It has been quite a popular subject among computer illustrators and car nerds over the past year. We’ve seen many spy photos of the… Continue reading 2025 Hyundai Palisade.

2026 Kia EV4.

Kia showed us concept versions of the future EV3 and EV4 late last year. We just saw the production version of the EV3 a few weeks ago, and now it’s the EV4 sedan’s turn to show a little bit of its production design. And again, it already looks pretty close to the concept. I saw… Continue reading 2026 Kia EV4.

Chevrolet Traverse EV

The Chevrolet Traverse has been quite a popular nemplate for GM. The first generation came out in 2008 with a second generation following in 2017 We’ve now all seen the current new 3rd generation Traverse. The large 3-row SUV has more competition than ever, against the new Mazda CX-90, Toyota Grand Highlander, and upcoming redesigned… Continue reading Chevrolet Traverse EV

2026 Toyota RAV-4.

The Toyota RAV-4 will be a new model for the 2026 model year, with a possible unveiling late this year. Probably at the Los Angeles Auto Show since this is what happened for the past two years with the new Prius and 2025 Camry. The current generation was quite a departure from the previous model.… Continue reading 2026 Toyota RAV-4.

Future Cadillac Compact SUV.

Cadillac just released the all-new Optiq EV SUV just a few days ago. And Cadillac execs are open to the idea of an even smaller future EV model, which does make a lot of sense. The new Cadillac Optiq is almost the exact same length as the Cadillac XT5. Which is not really considered a… Continue reading Future Cadillac Compact SUV.

Future Porsche large SUV.

We already know Porsche is working on a new SUV larger than the Cayenne. Prototypes of the future 3-row/7-seater model have been caught multiple times in recent weeks. The illustration above is trying to match the spy shots we have seen. However, it seems there is no room for a 3rd row at all. This… Continue reading Future Porsche large SUV.