• 2013 Chevrolet Volt

    First good picture I’ve seen of the new rear color treatment.No more back trim for 2013. Which doesn’t look as bad as I thought at first.I still think the black roof was better. And I hear the black/tan interior is replaced by some beige/brown combo. (Which would be a shame).The best news, if not a… Continue reading 2013 Chevrolet Volt

  • Next Lexus LS

    They always try to convince us the next LS will be this amazing looking and sporty car.Which it isn’t. It always ends up looking kind of like the previous generation Mercedes S class. So, again, here is a teaser picture of the next generation. Are we supposed to think the car is so sleek and… Continue reading Next Lexus LS

  • Kia Quoris

    The big Kia, AKA K9, is now the Quoris. For overseas markets. Not sure yet if they will be selling this in the US, but I actually saw one on the road in Hollywood a couple of weeks ago. I must say, at first, from the front, it felt like a Maserati. Then it turned… Continue reading Kia Quoris

  • All new Nissan Note

    The previous version of the Note was never sold in the US. Instead what we got here was the smaller and cheaper Versa Hatchback.Since our Versa hatchback hasn’t been redesigned yet, some people are thinking we might be getting the new Note instead.More than likely, we won’t. The Note will stay overseas, including Europe. Instead,… Continue reading All new Nissan Note

  • All new Seat Leon

    Another nice looking hatchback we are not getting over here.The Spanish arm of VW has turned out a much better looking car than the Golf. The new Leon is based on the same platform as the redesigned Audi A3, and the next generation Golf.The interior isn’t that exciting, but it’s better than the Jetta’s. Engines… Continue reading All new Seat Leon

  • All new Volvo XC40

    This is basically a raised up version of the new V40 hatchback.The really cool looking Volvo that isn’t coming to the US… There are now rumors we might be getting this one instead. I guess Volvo still has this old idea that Americans don’t like hatchbacks unless they are as high as trucks.That would explain… Continue reading All new Volvo XC40

  • Opel Adam

    Finally official pictures of the smallest Opel model so far; It looks really cute. Although I still think it is trying very hard. Again, it is tough to compete with retro designs like the Fiat 500 as far as personality goes..Engines offered include a 1.2 Liter with 75hp; Or 2 versions of a larger 1.4… Continue reading Opel Adam

  • New Kia Forte

    I tested a few versions of the current Forte a couple of years ago, and found it a very nice car.This new one should even be, and look better. Which will bring another good compact sedan to the US market.It is basically a “trunk added” version of the new Kia Ceed sold in Europe.And the… Continue reading New Kia Forte

  • Cadillac ATS Coupe?

    At a recent ATS even, this model was on display.It looks like it could very well be the rumored coupe version of the all new ATS.Or at least, something based on the same platform. It looks like they are taking a different direction than the CTS Coupe.Something more along the lines of the Euro VW… Continue reading Cadillac ATS Coupe?

  • New “retro N600” Honda?

    Not sure what it will be called yet.But Honda will build a production version of the really cool N Concept 4 they showed last year.Except, of course, they changed it enough to ruin it.Not it just looks like another super cheap little car . Only the front end has a little bit of a personality.Still… Continue reading New “retro N600” Honda?

  • Opel Adam

    After years and years of illustrations, guesses and spy shots, we finally get a good look at Opel’s all new city car.Which will go against the Mini and the 500. It seems to me that all these’ fashion cars” work because they are a modern version of old familiar designs. Like the Mini, Beetle and… Continue reading Opel Adam