Future Toyota Sports cars.

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Future Toyota MR-2 illustration
Toyota FT-se Concept

Since Toyota showed the new FT-se EV concept last month, illustrators have been hard at work trying to guess what a production version would look like.

The illustration above looks pretty realistic, which is hard to do since the concept itself doesn’t look realistic to me at all. I really doubt Toyota is actually seriously considering this design for production.

As they found out, the market for a new Toyota Supra turned out to be very, very small in the US. (Surprise surprise!) As they only sold a bit over 2000 of them so far this year. I cannot imagine an even less practical 2-seater in the style of the old MR-2 being any more popular, even if the price is a bit lower.

Of course, the out-of-touch Automotive press is eagerly hoping for this to be a new super sporty “GR-EV” mode, which is something no one will buy. Although for some reason, the designer of the car has claimed the concept will go into production sometime after 2026 as a competitor to the upcoming Porsche Cayman EV.

On top of being part of a tiny market, it would be a “Toyota competing against a Porsche”, and all I can say is “Good luck with that”…

Future Toyota Celica illustration

Another return that would make more sense in the EV world could be a new Toyota Celica.

Apparently, Aiko Toyoda himself claims he has put in a request to Toyota Motor about a new Celica. As we already know from the upcoming Honda Prelude, a new Celica would not have to be based on a fancy brand-new EV platform. The Celica was not meant to be an expensive car in the first place and Toyota could follow Honda’s footsteps. They do have plenty of cars a new Celica could be related to, just like the new Prelude will be related to the Honda Civic and Acura Integra. A new Celica could be related to the next-generation Corolla that is probably due out in a bit over a year from now. Or even the recurrent Toyota Prius.

A new Toyota Celica would be quite interesting…

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