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I had the chance to go to the local “Fisker Store” (apparently there are only 2 in the US…) and was able to check out Fisker’s upcoming models in person, the Pear and the Alaska.

It was difficult to get close to the Fisker Pear since it’s being kept behind a security line. But I saw enough to see that it does look great in person. A very modern, even futuristic design, with a much nicer 5 seater interior than the earlier 6 seater model Fisker had shown earlier.

The Alaska Pickup looks equally great and futuristic. With a great interior and a convenient folding rear seat and window.

If the base prices of $ 30,000 for the Pear and $ 45,000 for the Alaska still hold by the time they come out, these 2 could be big hits for Fisker. By that time, since both are scheduled to be built in the US, they would also qualify for all available incentives. And they will also come with a NACS Tesla-type charger. These will be huge advantages over the current Fisker Ocean.

However, the Ocean is also scheduled to be produced in the US later and will also get the NACS plug.

Fisker is becoming a very, very interesting brand.

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  1. Vince, your voice really needs to be put to work on throwback car ads or maybe drivers safety training videos.

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