2025 VW Golf.

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The VW teaser above shows what the revised VW 2025 Golf will look like, (in the dark) while the photo of the current shows us how unnecessary these changes will be.

The current Golf is still a nice looking car and and really doesn’t need anything until the next generation is ready. The current model was introduced in 2019, and basically looked a lot like the previous one, but a bit better. Which is the usual deal with VW. At that time the regular Golf disappeared from the US and we only had the GTI and R versions available.

And it is a big flop in the US, with the GTI only selling a bit over 6200 units last year, which is really sad. I never drove the current model but the previous generation was great.

Besides the new front end, the revised 2025 model will adopt the big tablet screen from all other new VW models. Which, in my opinion, is s step back from the current set up, which is much more subtle. Forcing that huge screen into everything you make, from EVs to the new Passat and Tiguan, isn’t the best idea. It just looks ridiculous in the 2025 Golf.

I guess these unnecessary changes will keep the car fresh (in the mind of VW suits) until an all-new generation is ready in a few years. Which is scheduled to be an EV.

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  1. I disagree that the current 8th gen Golf looks better than the previous. It’s so fat/heavy looking and has the worse infotainment system. A facelift should first fix the infotainment and add some lit-up physical buttons. Can’t wait for this to go and hopefully the next (all electric?) will look more athletic and interesting.

  2. So, the update will be a change to the headlights (though still the same shape) and some infotainment screens. VW lost the tempo when their CEO started click-baiting insults and comments about other companies as a way to drum up sales. And now we have this sad lump.

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