Toyota Sport Crossover Concept.

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Along with the Urban SUV Concept, Toyota also unveiled this new Sport Crossover Concept in Belgium today. And I think it looks great.

It seems Toyota has 2 teams of designers (or suits approving the designs), the good one and the bad one. While the “good one” was hard at work on the 2023 Prius and the new C-HR for Europe, the “bad one” was busy with the 2025 Camry. This new concept is definitely the work of a really good team.

The concept is a preview of another all-new EV coming to Europe in 2025. Toyota first showed the concept at the Auto Shanghai show a few months ago, as the new EV was developed for both the Chinese and European markets. That is usually a code word for “not for the US”…

2023 Toyota Sport Crossover Concept
2022 Toyota bZ Compact SUV Concept.
Toyota EV teaser

If the new Sport Crossover concept seems familiar, it’s only because we’ve seen that shape before. It does look a lot like last year’s BZ Compact SUV we saw at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

Toyota had also released a strange black and white teaser a couple of years ago ( I think it was), of a very sleek fastback “future EV”. Which now resembles a lot the new port Crossover Concept. But also looks a bit different.

Then we saw the same concept we are seeing today a few months ago in China. (Yellow car)

This is a very nice and modern design that doesn’t really feel like an SUV, which is very refreshing. A sportier, slightly higher, very sleek hatchback sedan for people who don’t want an SUV. I just hope one of these, at least the one we saw in L.A. last year, is still in the cards for the North American market.

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  1. Hard to blame the designers for the Camry when it is only a bit of a reskin here and there and not a completely new version. “Monkey with this, that and those things. No, you can’t really touch anything else”. There’s a good chance that a new version of the Camry would have eaten into the budget for this thing. The amount of money being spent is not infinite, nor the # of people that work in design.

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