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Mazda Iconic SP concept.

We all know a next-generation Mazda Miata is coming, but this doesn’t appear to be it…

At first, the patent drawings above appear to show an all-new sports model, based on the recent Mazda Iconic SP concept. There have also been non-stop rumors about a new generation Mazda RX-7 for many years now, and Mazda always denied working on a new generation.

The Iconic SP concept is powered by a two-rotor rotary EV system. ” It utilizes a highly scalable rotary engine that can burn various fuels such as hydrogen and generates electricity with carbon-neutral fuel. In addition, when the battery is charged with electricity derived from renewable energy, it is possible to drive in a virtually carbon-neutral state.”

Many could call it the new RX-7 I guess. The patent drawings show a car that isn’t a convertible. Therefore not the next Miata. While the idea of a 2 seater sports car sounds fun, there is literally no money in something like this anymore. Especially for Mazda. I really think the Miata covers all their sporty car needs. The concept looks fantastic and should be an inspiration for the next Miata. And not a new model that Mazda will produce in very small numbers.

Although you never know, they’ve been making weird business decisions lately. Mostly by spending a fortune on a brand new RWD/AWD platform for their new SUVs. Only to design them to look like 15-year-old models. The new 6-cylinder has been getting great reviews, but not their 2.5 Liter Hybrid. After so many years of developing all that stuff.

it seems the last thing they need is a new larger 2-seater sports car with very limited appeal. They need to find a way to incorporate as much as they can of that wonderful concept t design into the next Miata.

Also, these patent designs could actually be about the concept…

What do you think?

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  1. Mazda is very much an engineering driven company, that enables their conceptual development group. They’ve been trying to find a way to improve the rotary engine for years. So I could see them enabling Phase0 development to a Phase1 stage without the intention necessarily of it becoming exactly translated into a product. The ideas that pass may get incorporated into next products. I expect this concepts flow surfaces will help define the direction of the next Miata, but that’s it.

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