2026 Chrysler Halcyon EV.

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2026 Chrysler Halcyon sedan illustration.

We’ve all seen the new Chrysler Halcyon concept car and now it’s time to see what the production version could look like.

The production car is scheduled to start production next year. Which means we should actually see it in a few months. It will, of course, be toned down quite a bit from the concept, and might not even be called the Chrysler Halcyon. Not only the crazy doors and the super futuristic interior will have to go, but also some of the exterior design. Since it looks more like a 4 door Ferrari than a mainstream sedan, with the ground clearance of a lawn mower.

The production car could literally look like anything since it will not be that close to the concept, unlike the 2025 Dodge Charger EV. It seems the new muscle car will look very close to the fantastic Dodge Charger Daytona Concept from last year. The Jeep Wagoneer S and Recon will also look almost exactly like their concepts. This makes sense since these concepts did look like production cars in the first place.

The illustration above shows a large 4-door fastback sedan. Which is what the real thing will be. But it is missing some really cool design cues from the concept, especially a very strong profile line going all around the car. However, the C-pillar and rear side windows do look a lot like the concept. Or, maybe Chrysler figured out a way to just barely change the design and come up with something truly stunning. Basically very similar to the concept, with normal doors and interior. And a few inches taller. Who knows…

This will be a big year for Stelantis in the US, with the new Dodge RAM EV and Hybrid, as well as the 2 new Jeep EVs, the new Dodge Charger EV, and that first new Chrysler in ages. This could be very bad news for GM and Ford.

Good news so far…

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  1. Hey Vince the car Chrysler is going to debut next year isn’t based on the Halcyon. It’s a SUV, the design they came up with after scrapping the Airflow concept. The Halcyon is a “maybe” but the plan is electric SUV and then an extensive Pacifica refresh after that.

  2. Whatever Chrysler comes up with for their sedan, it will likely share a platform with the Charger. So, take the Charger, add Chrysler touches and Bob’s your uncle.

  3. With Chrysler, I’ll believe it when it happens. They’ve haven’t had a new vehicle since the Pacifica and that’s now 8 years old. I see Chrysler disappearing, they simply can’t compete with just an 8 year old miniva.

  4. A beautiful car ! Great name, derived from the mythical land of Halcyon….as in ” Halcyon Days “.
    But please, no more ” Crossovers ” & SUVs !
    ENOUGH already.
    Or at least make some automobiles….
    The foreign brands surely continue; if once calls the hanging on Chrysler, such as its parent is Stellantis.
    Please consider any products to be named from the beautiful, traditional names of the past .
    Newport, ( great Crossover Name) , and top of lines New Yorker & ESPECIALLY Imperial.
    With Cadillac- GM stubbornly refusing any import of the Cadillac CT6 , and Buick. Lincoln of Ford offering nothing, but insufferable Crossovers, SUVS, an Imperial could enter with no competition!

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