2026 Ford Off Road EV.

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Future Ford Off-Road EV illustration.

Ford has just announced they have been working on an all-new EV platform for the past 2 years. The new platform is simpler and much cheaper to produce, intending to financially compete against Tesla and the multiple Chinese EV manufacturers that seem to sprout like mushrooms every week.

The current Mach-e is an expensive product to build and has not turned out a profit for Ford. While Tesla has been making more profits than anyone in the business with the Model 3 and Model Y.

The new Ford platform will of course give birth to new small cars and crossovers, for North America and other markets, especially Europe. (Where they are producing that new Explorer EV with VW). But how about a cool off-road compact truck? Like an electric counterpart to the current Bronco Sport.

VW has been hard at work developing their all-new Scout pickup and SUV. The new Scout won’t be a Rivian Pickup competitor since it will start at a bit over $ 40,000. Which could be the starting price of the new Rivian R2S. After most incentives, the Scout could actually cost around $ 30,000. Which is cheaper than the current Bronco Sport.

An even cheaper off-road model based on Ford’d new “inexpensive” platform could even be priced lower. The off-road look is very popular these days. Even the new Hyundai Santa Fe tries very hard to look like a Land Rover. I really think a cute and affordable off-road EV would do wonders for Ford.

It’s just a matter of time…

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