2026 Toyota GR86.

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It seems that soon after the current second-generation Toyota GR86 was released, we started hearing rumors of the next generation, which is pretty odd. These rumors keep popping up every few months.

The newest one mentions a sedan as well as a wagon being added to the next-generation lineup which, I guess, wouldn’t be out before 2026. By then, it would probably be a Hybrid or even a PHEV.

The top 2 images show what a sleek and sporty wagon and sedan could look like. I am also not sure where these new models would fit in Toyota’s lineup, especially the sedan. I guess somewhere above the Camry in price, but under the Crown. Something sportier and not as roomy as the Camry, but why?

The wagon would probably not make it to the US, although it could be the most interesting version. They do offer a Corolla wagon in many countries and this would of course be positioned above. Toyota has thought of a GR86 wagon as early as 2012. The blue car above is a design prototype by Calty Design Studio in California showing what a possible Toyota 86 4-door wagon could have looked like. Looking pretty crazy but also much more original than the super bland 1st generation GR86 (AKA Scion at the time).

Then we saw another wagon concept in 2016. As a two-door model based on the actual production car.

I am not sure if or why Toyota is actually considering expanding the GR86 lineup for the next generation. But they just did it with the Crown, so why not? However, would there even be a market for a sporty RWD sedan and wagon?

What do you think?

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  1. None of these designs follow current Toyota design language, so if they build anything, they probably won’t look like these images. But I do think they will try to release more cars off this RWD platform to spread development costs. Right now, I believe only ONE model uses that platform (counting the GR86 and BRZ as the same model). And it isn’t a particularly high selling one either. That is incredibly rare in the car world these days seeing as how new platforms cost a boatload of money to develop. If they can amortize those costs over another 10, 20, 50k cars, it would go a long way to cementing the car in the Toyota (and presumably Subaru) lineup, as opposed to always being at risk of being chopped because they don’t make the company enough money.

  2. Terrible name. Lazy company. Why not just call it the Celica? Or Corona? Or Trashcan for that matter?

  3. Seeing as there will be no 3rd gen BRZ, additional body styles may be the only way the coupe stays around.

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