Chrysler Halcyon Concept.

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Chrysler released the final teaser for their upcoming Halcyon concept. The 3rd image looks more like an actual photo of the real thing, as the previous teasers seemed like graphic illustrations from the 1980s.

This looks like it could be the rear end of the car, including a very sleek rear window shape. Maybe a hatchback? This would make sense since it is probably based on the upcoming Dodge Charger EV, and that car has a rear hatch.

Let’s hope this isn’t another concept that looks nothing like the real production car. So far, Stelantis has done a great job previewing the new 2025 Dodge Charger with the Dodge Charger Daytona SRT concept last year since it looks like the final product will look very similar. Things got even better with the Jeep Wagoneer S EV which looks exactly like the preview concept we saw last year.

A really modern and sleek Chrysler model would be a great way to bring back the legendary brand to the new EV age.

Let’s hope…

These are the previous teasers Chrysler has released of the new concept.

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  1. So much to say about this one… such as, its never gonna happen. See the link to the reveal here.

    Since December, Chrysler officially has 1 model (Pacifica) to sell at its dealerships, proving that a European carmaker cannot manage an American brand. Mercedes tried, Fiat tried, now Stellantis – and they all have failed to do anything but collapse its footprint. Need more proof: Renault’s attempt to takeover Nissan nearly starved that company to death.

    What Chrysler needs to do is source regular ICE and hybrids from the european partners, Jeep and Dodge. Then rework them for the American customers and get those into dealerships ASAP. Does anyone that doesn’t have their head up their XXX think this electric Halcyon will save Chrysler? The best thing for these brands would be a split from the Europeans, who have proven entirely incompetent and are just leaching off the profits from Dodge, Ram and Jeep to survive. Break the four American brands off, at least into their own division, and start again. Oh, and Dodge-Ram should just be Dodge.

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