New Honda SUV.

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Honda is apparently working on yet another small crossover based on the Fit.

The new model would be smaller than the current ZR-V which is based on our Honda HR-V. Honda does offer a raised-up version of the Fit in some markets, but the new model would have its own design.

The second illustration isn’t new and probably was trying to guess what the ZR-V was going to look like a while ago. The photo on top is new and shows a weirdo design that doesn’t really match Honda‘s current design language. (It actually looks like something they canceled at the last minute 15 years ago…)

But who knows, as this is mostly for the Indian market where some local Honda models do look quite different.

These are two tiny Crossovers Honda is selling in India. the top one is the new “Elevate”. the other one is the small WR-V.

I’m not sure if there is room for a 3rd small crossover model or not…

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  1. This is the update to the WR-V which is actually sold under the WR-V name in Japan. Unlike the current HR-V, the WR-V is still on the older platform that the prior generation Fit/Jazz/HR-V were on.

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