Zeekr is coming.

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Chinese manufacturer Zeekr is coming to Mexico.

Zeekr’s owner, Geely, is already selling cars in the country and they’ve announced the Geely brand will be joined by Zeekr soon. Zeekr cars aren’t cheap, and the brand would probably be priced well above regular Geely models. (The new Zeekr X is actually more expensive than its Volvo EX30 cousin in some European markets).

I doubt they will bring their high-end, and very expensive 001 Sedan or 009 Minivan. But the Zeekr X and 007 pictured above a prime candidates. The 007 sedan is a direct competitor to the Tesla Model 3 and already seems a much better choice and a much more mature design than every popular BYD Seal sold in Europe.

Zeekr Minivan illustration.

Of course, a new EV brand wouldn’t be complete without a Tesla Model Y competitor, which has already been caught test-driving and is coming soon. They are also working on a smaller van (Illustration above).

By next year, Zeekr will have a pretty full lineup, and Geely is already considering a Mexican factory (who isn’t these days ?). Which would make it much easier to sell cars to North America and bypass the 27.5% tariff on Chinese imports.

While this is good news for Mexican buyers who will soon have even more cEV choices, this could be pretty bad news for US car companies. GM and Ford are already struggling with their EV business, and that’s without any Chinese competition in the US. Even Tesla is having a harder time in China.

What do you think? Should a true free market allow Chinese brands in the US? I personally think that no matter what, there is a strong anti-China sentiment in the US right now, and these brands wouldn’t be that popular, even without a tariff.

At least not currently…

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  1. I am mexican,and living in Mexico City, the chinese brands will soon outsell american and european brands. They have already one or two cars in the top ten most sold cars and MG in this case does not even have a factory. They are cheaper than competition, and selling small and compact sedans.

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