2025 Hyundai Ioniq 9.

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Apparently, Hyundai has recently changed its mind and will call its next 3-row EV SUV the Ioniq 9, instead of Ioniq 7.

As a reminder, the new model is the production version of the Seven Concept we first saw in November 2021. Various spy shots have recently surfaced showing a production version that could look pretty close to the concept. Just like the Kia EV9 ended up looking very much like the concept model.

This move will allow Hyundai to offer even more EV models between the current Ioniq 6 sedan and the upcoming Ioniq 9 SUV.

The illustrations above show what a new Ioniq 7 could look like. Which would be a smaller 3-row model Larger than the current Ioniq 5 but still much smaller than the large Ioniq 9 SUV.

Since Kia is also working on a larger EV sedan probably called the EV8, Hyundai is probably also working on their own version, which now could easily be called the Ioniq 8.

It seems Hyundai and Kia are not pausing their EV releases and instead are doubling down on new electric models. Which will solidify their already strong position in the next few years.

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  1. We have a problem, IONIC 5 and EV6. So now some numbers are directly the same between brands and some will be mismatched?

  2. Or… they decided this will be the biggest, so give it the highest single numeric value. And they plan to fill the gap with a bunch of other smaller EVs.

  3. Agree with the change in numbers to match up.
    Surely Ioniq8 for this leaving a supercar Ioniq9.

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