Genesis GV90.

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While the new Genesis Neolun is seen by most as a preview of the brand’s upcoming 3-row luxury EV SUV, I don’t think it is…

I sure hope it is, but I’m afraid it’s not. Things are pretty clear when you compare it to the spy shots above taken last summer. These show a future large Genesis SUV, described then as the GV90. And it looks nothing like the new Neolun concept. I mean these two have nothing in common.

The front end of the prototype is especially disappointing since it looks like yet another giant fake grille in the shape of the Superman logo. Just like any other current Genesis model. Or basically, a longer 3-row GV80.

At the Neolun introduction, some Genesis suits also mention the coach doors on the concept could actually make it into the production model. The rear doors on the prototype caught in the desert last year look a bit odd, almost misaligned. With a strange B-pillar where the part belonging to the front door seems wider. It could actually be hiding some kind of a coach door mechanism.

Something that far off from the concept we just saw would be a colossal disappointment.

But if that prototype is not the Genesis GV90, what is it? Is Genesis planning 2 different 3-row SUVs? One ICE and one EV? With totally different designs?

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  1. Once again, H-K-G continue their annual march to fart out more dispensible designs in one year than any other car maker. Even more than VW group. Now that’s worthy of a award. Perhaps a Burlapp Award? (a Burly)

  2. “ Is Genesis planning 2 different 3-row SUVs?”

    Why not? That’s exactly what they are doing with Kia and Hyundai.

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