2025 Genesis GV80.

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Genesis has made a few changes to the GV80 SUV for the 2025 model year. The main one is the new GV80 coupe version with a sleeker profile. But the change I was the most curious to see in person was the redesigned interior. While not a completely new design, it features a new dashboard, center console, and revised trim.

From the few official photos we had seen earlier, it seemed the new interior was a step backward from the current design. Seeing the real thing in person at the Auto Show affirmed my feelings. Especially replacing the top part of the dash with a super wide double screen. The previous interior was so nice, upscale, and actually quite special. The new screen isn’t even curved like it is in many other new Hyundai and Kia models. And it just makes the new interior feel a lot cheaper than before. There is nothing premium about the screen that makes the new GV80 look more like a Hyundai now.

The wood has also been replaced because somehow there is something wrong with wood in luxury cars now. At least they didn’t replace it with acres of piano black plastic but something else. Something new that feels kind of like a cloth texture but at the same time seems like something else. The new trim is pretty nice but again, not particularly premium and seems like what you’d find in a fancy version of a modern Hyundai or a Kia.

Seeing it in person, I still think the new Genesis GV interior is a step back from the original. The worst part is that similar changes are coming soon to the G80 sedan and the GV70 SUV. Which is really a shame.

They had something really nice and special and they had to ruin it…

On another note, while at the show, I stepped into the new Lexus RX and was actually quite impressed by its interior (Even the NX). Which I now think is much nicer than the Genesis GV80. Plus, Lexus is getting rid of their huge grilles while Genesis seems to be doubling down on the front plastic chrome factory.

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  1. Agreed. That new instrument panel is hideous and makes the car look cheap. Who ever approved that should be fired.

  2. Not a fan at all of that new interior refresh. The GV80 now has nothing to set it apart from the masses.

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