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Have you ever wondered what the new 2025 Kia K4 looks like driving around the desert? Or pausing in front of a mid-century building structure? Wonder no more!

This short and sweet video will finally answer all your wishes. Join me and discover Kia’s new super modern K4 sedan in action. Inside and out. the model featured above is the GT version.

I personally think the K4 could be quite a hit. It just stands out against anything else in the segment. It makes the Honda Civic look really, really old. It seems super roomy as well. Best of all, a wagon-style 5DR hatchback is coming soon after the sedan! Again, looking 10 times more modern than the Civic hatchback. Let’s just hope Kia offers a hybrid version of the hatchback. There is really no excuse in 2024 for not having a hybrid as standard or at least as an option on an all-new car. Especially something that seems to be related to the Hyundai Elantra, itself available as a hybrid for many years.

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  1. The station wagon version looks decent. This sedan is another story. Sections of the car seem oddly out of proportion with other sections of the car. Head-on, both the front and rear end seems massively wide. But it’s the odd rear side c-pillar just doesn’t work for me. It appears it come from the back end of a different car.

  2. Que coisa horrorosa!!! Kia e Hyundai definitivamente desaprenderam a fazer carros bonitos

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